Ecomas Energy is a platform that unites experts around specific energy projects. We focus on massive energy cost reduction for remote industrial sites that use a lot of fuel for heating processes or rely on generators for power. Our offer includes some standardized quick wins we have developed with our suppliers (waste oil 2 fuel, veg oil 2 fuel). But we have all the competencies to deliver tailormade projects as well, these projects can be delivered turnkey, including every step of the process: feasibility study, design, build, commisioning and follow-up.


Project Manager

Electromechanical engineer, specialized in energy techniques. With many years of experience in turnkey energy optimisation projects in both Europe (Toyota, clean tech start-up: CEE-engineering) and Africa (agro industry: Socfin).


Project Manager

Construction engineer, specialized in the design and project management of large turn-key projects. Over a decade of experience in civil works and agro-industry in Europe, Africa and Asia (Covagro, Matexi, Socfin).

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