Veg Oil 2 Fuel

Vegetable oil as fuel

In some remote tropical regions, vegetable oil from palm oil and coconut trees is cheaply available in abundance, while refined diesel is often double the price and hard to come by.

Together with our suppliers, has assembled a standardized line of products that allows for any vegetable oil to be used as fuel in your generator. Depending on where you are located, vegetable oil can be a cheap and carbon neutral alternative to diesel fuel. For producers of vegetable oil, there’s the additional advantage of becoming completely independent in energy supply.

For a 500 kVA diesel generator, the preatreatment unit and engine conversion costs only 25 000 euro (CAPEX).

The unit can pretreat and filter about one thousand liter per hour. One filter of 50 euro allows for a filtration of at least 1000 liter. Which comes down to a filtration cost of no more than 5 cents per liter (OPEX). Of course this cost is paid back quickly, if locally, the price of veg oil is lower than the price of diesel.

In some cases, where the price of diesel is about $2 and veg oil (CPO or other) is at $1, the installation is paid back within one week for a 500 kVA genset running at full load. Savings of $100 000 are generated after that, every single month!

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