Waste Oil 2 Fuel

Waste oil as fuel

Waste engine oil from the workshop can be costly to get rid of in an environmentally sound way. The barrels are cumbersome and are a logistic challenge to transport smoothly as well.

With microfiltration this waste engine oil can be converted into a pure oil that is suitable as a fuel mix for your generator or any other diesel engine (truck, tractor or car).

A filtration unit costs only 4 500 euro (CAPEX) and consists of a pump with a double filter on wheels. One filter of 50 euro allows for a filtration of about 7 barrels (> 1000 liter).

Which comes down to a filtration cost of less than 5 cents per liter (OPEX). Of course this is paid back quickly by the purified oil that is worth easily 20 times that cost, being a fuel equivalent to diesel.

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